Persona Empathy

“Organizations that grow start by selling their services and products to people who care.” – Seth Godin


Identify who is going to use and who is going to pay for your product.
Who are the decision makers? Write down their behaviors, demographics, needs, goals and main problems.




Before interviewing your customers, think about yourself as your own persona and fill out the blocks on the picture above like you are talking about yourself as a customer of your own product.



Two-Sided Market

If you have a two-sided market (users different than payers), do the exercises in the program for each side and start interviewing the demand side (users).

Who is your Primary User? Focus on who is going to touch your product.
Who is your Primary Payer? The people paying for your product to exist.
Partners: People who are not users or payers but are part of your business ecosystem.




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