Maturity Level 1

“You need more customers. So do I, so does Facebook and every business since the dawn of capitalism. So while “more growth” looks like the problem, it is usually just the symptom. We have to look deeper and learn what “job” our product is doing for users – what problem it is solving, or need it is satisfying. Trying to grow before we have these answers is a waste of time and money.” – Kevin Dewalt


    • Define your Customer Segment

    • Reach Potential Customers

    • Build a Landing Page w/ your Value Proposition

Have at least 2 Early Adopters signed up for your product


Weekly Schedule

Week 1

    • JumpSchool Introduction Slides
    • Big Vision Exercise
    • Persona Empathy Exercise
    • Customer Segment Definition

Homework Lectures:

Week 2

Homework Lectures:

Week 3

    • Main Feature Identification (One-Page Mock-up)
    • Good Cop/ Bad Cop Exercise
    • JumpSchool RoadMap & Accountability presentation

Homework Lectures:

Week 4

    • Landing Page (Activation Metric)
    • Planning on how you can Experiment your Value Proposition in one week
    • What is your Satisfaction Rate (from 1 t0 5) for JumpSchool and Why?



Final Assignment

To graduate Maturity Level 1 you will have to fill out your Customer Interview Tracking Sheet, having at least 2 early adopters on it.


Maturity Level 1 Perks

  • If you achieve JumpSchool Maturity Level 1 you will get:
    • Able to come back to any JumpSchool Class for FREE
    • JumpSchool Maturity Level 1 Certificate
    • Two FREE Early Adopters to your Business!




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